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Lingao two villages install 101 solar street lights, making it easier for people to travel at night

this newspaper, Lincheng, September 26 (Chen Xueyi is a special envoy for lag loss, Li Dahui) usually go out at night, and Wang yequan, an 82 year old villager in toulong Village, Duowen Town, Lingao County, is always used to carrying a flashlight; Wang did not bring a flashlight when he went out at night last week. "Street lights are installed in the village, so you don't need to bring a flashlight when you go out at night!" On September 25, Wang yequan pointed to the street lamp on the top of his finger and squinted with laughter. This is a convenient measure implemented by the Provincial Geological Bureau to help rural revitalization and facilitate people to travel at night

toulong village is a village assisted by the Provincial Geological Bureau in Rural Revitalization. At the beginning of this year, after the Rural Revitalization team dispatched by the Bureau arrived at the village, when organizing and leading the masses to carry out the renovation of rural human settlements, it was noted that the villagers were inconvenient to travel at night because there were no street lights in the village

Lu Tong, Cai Tong, Deng Liang, Xin Liang. After raising funds from various sources and intensive construction for more than a month, 65 solar street lamps installed by the Provincial Geological Bureau in the main roads and alleys of the village have now been completed. When night falls, street lights automatically turn on to illuminate the road for the travelling masses. On the main road of Dongjiang village, which is 5 kilometers away from toulong village, 36 newly installed solar street lamps have also played a role, providing convenience for students who travel at night and the top 30 domestic enterprises doing business with a production capacity of more than 500000 tons of vendors

"there are Jingwen school and Dongjiang Central School in Dongjiang township market, with a total of more than 800 students, and senior students have to study in the evening." Zou Gao, the clerk of Dongjiang village committee, said that now the street lights are installed at the gate of the school, which makes it convenient for students to walk at night and for parents to pick up and send their children, which can reduce traffic accidents to a certain extent. Wang Lanjuan, a peddler who makes a living selling breakfast for students, starts selling breakfast at about 5 a.m. every day. "Now with the implementation of measures such as capacity reduction policy and supply side reform, street lights are installed at the door of the house, and the lighting can be seen. It's very convenient to no longer use a flashlight and put cakes and breakfast at the same time." Wang Lanjuan laughed

"what caused the leakage when the Provincial Geological Bureau stationed in the villages this time? It mainly includes the following three points: the whole village of toulong village and the main road of Dongjiang village of the revitalization task force are equipped with 101 solar street lamps with 6-meter-high poles and 60 watt power. A total of more than 3000 people in the two villages are no longer suffering from darkness at night, which not only illuminates the way villagers travel at night, but also illuminates the road of Rural Revitalization in the whole village." Li Haizhong, director of the Provincial Geological Bureau, said

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