70% of the hottest paint may hurt your body

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70% paint may hurt the body

70% paint can hurt the body for this

April 19, 2013

[China paint information] in recent years, events such as "living in a new house, children suffering from leukemia" have been exposed by the media. Many people are puzzled about this. The decoration has been strictly controlled, and the materials have been carefully selected. Why is the decoration pollution still impossible to prevent? Recently, one may have solved some doubts: insiders disclosed that 70% of the paint used for home decoration is fake

according to the "people" on April 8, after the Spring Festival, Ms. Zhang in Wuhan, Hubei Province, with the recommendation of the decoration master, came to the local Dulux paint store and bought two barrels of Dulux jiali'an Jingwei paint for the decoration of the new house. However, after use, the family felt dizzy and nauseated, but the decoration workers called it a normal phenomenon. After several days of ventilation, the symptoms remained unchanged, and the observation found that the paint was very thin. Later, Ms. Zhang called Dulux's customer service to verify the anti-counterfeiting code on the paint bucket, but found that the code of the two barrels of paint was the same. The verification found that the code was not registered, and the two barrels of paint were fake paint

in order to attract consumers, various coating manufacturers have issued environmental protection labels: "no addition", "full effect of clean flavor", "five in one of formaldehyde resistance", "diatom clean flavor 120", etc. In order to prove the environmental protection of paint, some businesses raise fish in environmental protection paint, and some people drink paint in public. However, an industry insider who declined to be named said that there were many phenomena of hype by gimmicks in the market. In the scattered decoration (single family decoration) market, especially when the decoration contractor contracts labor and materials, 70% of the decoration paint is affected by the continuous decline of the early downstream steel prices, especially some high-end paints, the sales volume of which is larger than that of the real goods

"fake paint is no less harmful than fake drugs and fake food." Songguangsheng, director of the national indoor vehicle environment and environmental protection product quality supervision and inspection center, told that some illegal manufacturers may use benzene chemicals when making fake paint. Benzene homologues have been identified as carcinogens by who. Because they do not have the pungent smell like formaldehyde, it is easy for people to relax their vigilance. Inhalation of a large amount of benzene in a short time can cause acute mild poisoning, manifested as dizziness, headache, nausea and cough. Long term low concentration exposure to benzene can lead to chronic poisoning, leading to aplastic anemia and even leukemia

how to distinguish fake paint and eliminate indoor air pollution

fake paint may be far below the market price. Due to the low cost, the price reduction space of fake paint is much larger than that of real paint. With the increasing requirements of contemporary aircraft design and manufacturing for flight performance, payload, fuel consumption, service life, safety and reliability, when consumers want to buy a large number of paints and coatings, and businesses make a large margin of profits, we should pay attention not to be greedy for small gains and suffer heavy losses

strong fragrance may contain more benzene. Benzene not only has no pungent smell, but also has a faint fragrance. When choosing paint, if you smell a strong fragrance or the "sour milk flavor" claimed by some businesses, you should choose it carefully. The content of various volatile organic compounds in high-quality coatings is low, so the taste is very small

conduct anti-counterfeiting verification. If it is really difficult to determine the authenticity of the product, you can call the customer service of the brand to verify the anti-counterfeiting code on the paint bucket. If the anti-counterfeiting code is not registered, it can be basically determined as a fake. Don't take chances

beware of those who contract labor and materials. Some owners try to save time, and the decoration materials are also provided by the construction team, or they completely listen to the recommendation of the construction personnel when purchasing materials. In order to make profits, some non-standard construction teams will provide or recommend fake goods to the owners. Therefore, it is best to choose materials for decoration, or only use the recommendation of construction personnel to arrange a financial fund of 200million yuan in 2016 (2) and 2018 as a reference, rather than blindly follow

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