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65000 visitors visited Beijing International Printing Exhibition in four days. These days, Li Yousheng, the driver of BAIC taxi company, eliminated his work by changing the base of oil with suitable viscosity from the capital airport to the new national exhibition. People come and go there from morning to night. Every time Master Li's car goes to the South Gate of the new China International Printing Exhibition, it takes less than five minutes to get a job. Almost all the passengers are exhibitors and visitors of the seventh Beijing International Printing Exhibition. According to xujinfeng, Secretary General of the China printing and equipment industry association, the organizer of this exhibition, as of 4 p.m. yesterday, from sole proprietorship production to the establishment of research and development, this exhibition has received 65000 visitors. The great temptation of the Chinese market simply turned the highly professional printing exhibition into a bustling and popular exhibition

Beijing printing exhibition has become the world's largest printing exhibition this year.

almost all printing enterprises that can be called names at home and abroad include Beiren Printing Press, Shanghai Electric, Beida founder, Manroland, Heidelberg, gaobao and Komori. The figures provided by the organizers show that the number of exhibitors in this exhibition is more than 1000, the booth area reaches 110000 square meters, and all eight pavilions of the new international exhibition are crowded. In the golden position of hall W1, Heidelberg has become the largest exhibitor of this exhibition with an exhibition area of 3600 square meters

the quadrennial Beijing International Printing Exhibition is one of the six largest exhibitions in the global printing industry. Despite the international financial crisis, the number of exhibitors in this exhibition has not decreased at all, and the exhibition area has increased by 20% over the previous one. The industry associations of more than 20 major printing countries, including Germany, the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, South Korea, India, Malaysia and so on, organized a group to attend. In contrast, the Chicago printing exhibition, which will be held in September this year and is also one of the six famous exhibitions, is expected to have a 30% decrease in the number of exhibitors compared with the previous one, and the booth area can only be maintained at about 60000 square meters. The China India Association said that Beijing printing exhibition will undoubtedly become the largest printing exhibition in the world this year

the popularity of the exhibition led to a 30% rise in the house prices of the surrounding hotels.

at 8:40 a.m. yesterday, many visitors came to the Shaoyaoju station of the urban railway to take the free shuttle bus arranged by the printing Exhibition Organizing Committee for the audience. In only ten minutes, more than 60 seats on the bus were fully occupied. According to the staff, five shuttle buses have left in 40 minutes since 8 a.m. On the parking lot, there are six shuttle buses waiting for departure

at 9:20, when we came to the Heidelberg booth, there were more than a dozen spectators waiting in line at the reception, and four staff members were constantly distributing materials. Liang min, head of marketing department of Heidelberg Beijing Representative Office, said that before the launch, he was worried that the audience would be reduced this year and the exhibition effect would be discounted. He did not expect that the scene and popularity would be better than that of the previous session

visitors will swipe their cards to enter the exhibition. According to the data collected by China National Exhibition, as of 4 p.m. yesterday, the number of audience cards issued exceeded 65000, setting a new high at Beijing International Printing Exhibition. The organizers predict that the total number of visitors to the 6-day exhibition will exceed 160000. According to reports, due to the large number of exhibitors and visitors at home and abroad, the room price of Crowne Plaza Hotel in the air adjacent to the new China International Exhibition has increased by about 30%. The quotation of the standard big bed room reaches 1012 yuan per night, but it can improve the product performance, which is close to the room price during the Beijing International Auto Show last year

more than half of the exhibitors' exhibits have been sold

the strong demand in the Chinese market makes Beijing Printing Exhibition unique. According to Xu Jinfeng, the total output value of China's printing industry reached 475billion yuan last year, second only to the United States and Japan; In the past five years, the average annual growth rate of China's printing market has reached 17%, second only to India. China's printing market has a huge total volume and strong growth momentum, which has a great attraction to the global printing industry

in order to win more orders in just six days, exhibitors not only brought their top products, but also launched a marketing offensive. Heidelberg has planned 25 promotion meetings, including 10 yesterday, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:20 p.m; Manroland circulates his promotional videos on each shuttle bus. According to Xu Jinfeng, in addition to receiving orders, more than half of the exhibits have also successfully found buyers. You know, the printing machines that are more expensive are worth more than one million yuan

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