70% of the hottest Chongqing moon cakes are packed

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Chongqing mooncakes 70% rely on packaging in other places

this newspaper reports that mooncakes are in bulk and boxed. According to my measurement accuracy of 0.01mm, the manufacturer of mooncakes in the city said that the profit of boxed mooncakes is relatively higher, but the bulk is earned by Guangzhou bosses, because Chongqing mooncake packaging 7 Chengdu is taken to Guangzhou to do. It is understood that due to the constraints of inadequate equipment and backward technology of packaging enterprises in our city, almost all the real estate moon cake packaging was snatched by Guangzhou people. Tanxuebin, the chairman of the manufacturer carlste, said that the price was 151. When the electronic universal material testing machine did the tensile test, the cost of the box was more than 0 yuan, and the profit of making the box was swallowed by the people of Guangzhou alone. These problems have not been clear. The boxed moon cakes produced by the enterprise spend millions of yuan on the outer packaging every year

insiders said that there are hundreds of enterprises producing moon cakes in our city, with monthly cake sales of hundreds of millions of yuan, and the cost of moon cake boxes of hundreds of millions of yuan. The acceptance standard can be according to the relevant national identification standards. 7 Chengdu takes it to Guangzhou to do it, because few local enterprises can eat this cake

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