6000 sets of lighting equipment are installed on t

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6000 sets of lighting equipment were installed on the first line of Yuanjiang levee

on May 28, several construction workers were busy erecting lighting equipment against the scorching sun on the inner slope of the flood control levee on the east line of Changchun embankment in Yuanjiang City

according to the person in charge of on-site construction, on March 18 this year, the construction of Yuanjiang dike lighting project was started, with an investment of 11.8 million yuan. 6000 electric poles were buried and 6000 sets of lamps were installed on the flood control dike of 310 kilometers of 9 embankments in the city. At present, 90% of the total construction task has been completed, and it is expected to be fully completed within 10 working days

after the completion of the standard setting process of various complicated locks, the first-line flood control dike in Yuanjiang City will change the history of relying on flashlight and lantern to investigate and deal with risks, realize electric lighting, facilitate the timely discovery and disposal of various dangers, further consolidate the foundation of flood control, provide safe flood control, and ensure the operation temperature rise may also cause safety problems

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