63 barrels of fake Nippon Paint found in 3 stores

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Dongfanghong building materials market: three stores found 63 barrels of fake Nippon Paint

Dongfanghong building materials market: three stores found 63 barrels of fake Nippon Paint

September 16, 2009

[China paint information] for half an hour, 63 barrels of suspected counterfeit Nippon Paint were found in three and four paint shops, and four other merchants in the market closed in advance to avoid inspection. Yesterday, in the face of this phenomenon, citizens who are buying building materials in the Dongfanghong building materials market in Tieji village were full of doubts: in the end, there is a lower density of me ⑵ 600 series compounds in the market, and how much paint is fake

at 10 a.m. yesterday, accompanied by the staff of Nippon Paint Co., Ltd., the law enforcement officers of Heping industrial and commercial office came to the Dongfanghong building materials market and saw the billboards of "selling Nippon Paint" at the door of many stores in the market. Law enforcement officers entered a shop for inspection, and when they saw the sudden appearance of law enforcement officers, the female shopkeeper of a shop said, "I also have some genuine goods here." Law enforcement officers immediately suspended the Nippon Paint sold by the store

near the market gate, a store opened its door, but the owner was gone. "They asked me to help look at the store." A woman nearby said that the shopkeeper went out and hoped that the law enforcement officers would come again another day. The Nippon staff identified that most of the Nippon paints sold in the store were fake and inferior products. Law enforcement officials temporarily withheld Nippon Paint sold in the store

half an hour later, law enforcement officers seized 63 barrels of Nippon Paint suspected of counterfeiting in three stores. Just as the law enforcement officers were preparing to inspect other paint facades, the four facades that had just been opened pulled down the rolling gate, and the shopkeepers were missing. The packaging materials were mostly a batch of leading enterprises such as Hunan Shanshan, Ningbo rongbai, beiteri, etc. once, and the positive material production capacity also reached several 100000 tons of products in the construction or planned construction. Rong naihao, director of Heping industrial and commercial office, said that the industrial and commercial office would also conduct surprise inspections on these doors that closed and evaded inspection from time to time to purify the market environment

"these fakes are becoming more and more difficult to identify." Nippon Paint staff said that a barrel of authentic paint worth hundreds of yuan, the cost of counterfeiting is only dozens of yuan, and the formaldehyde content in these counterfeit paints exceeds the standard, which is harmful to the health of consumers. The simplest way for consumers to identify the true and false is to call the company and report the barcode number on the paint bucket for confirmation, or send a text message and confirm

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