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Eighty percent of the employees of Sino German cable Co., Ltd. returned to their posts for production

the employees of the enterprise wore masks to work. Taken by Li Jiang of Tieling

on February 19, we saw in the workshop of Liaoning Sino German cable Co., Ltd. that the workers were busy at their respective stations wearing masks. Yu Jialun, the company's chief executive officer, told us that 272 employees went to work that day, and the return rate of the company's employees reached more than 80%

Yu Jialun introduced that since the company returned to work on February 10, the epidemic prevention and control work has been carried out in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of the province, city and county for the joint prevention and control of novel coronavirus infected pneumonia, and adequate preparations have been made in an all-round and no dead angle. For example, the company regularly disinfection and sterilization in the office every day, provides disposable masks for employees every day, measures the body temperature before entering the factory and getting on the commuter bus, and now only 35 people/batch are allowed to eat in the restaurant that could accommodate 300 people, so as to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for employees

the company gives priority to local employees who meet the conditions for resumption of work. Some employees work at home. According to the regulations of the local government, the rework personnel from other places shall be strictly isolated for 14 days after reporting to the enterprise. At present, most of the employees coming to work are residents of the surrounding areas where the company is located

zhaozhendong, who lives in Fanhe new area, has been working for 10 years when the experiment cannot be stopped continuously. He heard that the enterprise wants to resume production. He was a little worried about safety problems, but he saw that the company has done a good job in all aspects of prevention and control. I hope this article can help you! If you want to know more about the experimental machine, zhaozhendong is relieved. He told me that in the past 10 years, he has become a manager assistant from a front-line employee of the company, and his salary has changed from more than 1700 yuan a month to more than 6000 yuan a month. "I am very optimistic about this enterprise. Over the past few years, the company has been growing and developing well. My personal income has also increased a lot, and the" five insurances and one fund "and holiday benefits have also been improved. Therefore, I have worked here for 10 years and recommended more than 10 people to work here. " Zhaozhendong said

although the COVID-19 has not ended, the company's orders cannot be delayed. Yujialun said that at present, the company has two large orders, one is an order of 60million yuan for export to Chile, and the other is a domestic order of 70million yuan. At present, the company is actively organizing staff production, and it is expected to complete the order in March

in order to meet the production needs of the enterprise, the enterprise, with the support of the human resources and social security departments at the city and county levels, issued employment letters on major platforms to modify some operations of the plug-in force testing machine. At present, the enterprise needs the following talents: 3 electrical engineers and 2 Mechanical Engineers. These five require bachelor's degree, under the age of 45, with more than one year of relevant work experience, and the monthly salary is yuan; 1 electric welder, junior high school degree or above, with welder certificate and monthly salary of yuan; 2 mechanic, junior high school degree or above, aged, with more than one year of equipment maintenance experience. Once hired, the enterprise will provide employees with "five insurances and one fund", legal holidays, holiday benefits, year-end bonuses and other benefits

"qualified job seekers can consult with the development of science and technology and the improvement of industrial production requirements. If they are migrant workers, the company will also provide accommodation. The consultation is." Yujialun said

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