72 changes of the world's top innovators

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72 changes of the world's top innovators

integrated innovation integrated innovation is the combination and integration of existing and mature technologies to find new leaps and breakthroughs. Integrated innovation involves a variety of technology sources, not limited to a certain technology field and industry. It even breaks through national boundaries and uses global technical information, human resources and R & D conditions to implement innovation activities

every year, Bill Gates will go to hood canal in Washington for a period of time to think about the next development of Microsoft. At this time, any Microsoft employee can submit a written proposal on new products or services to him, and Bill Gates promised that he would read all the proposals. If he likes an idea, he will immediately return to the company's headquarters in Redman to carry out research and development around the idea. It is this habit that ensures that Microsoft is always at the forefront of innovation in the global software industry

not many bosses -- Gates' official title now is chief software architect -- will spend so much energy on innovation. But Gates' efforts have paid off handsomely. Up to now, Microsoft has become a giant with a market value of nearly $300billion, but it still maintains a strong vitality of constantly pushing through the old and bringing forth the new. A survey jointly conducted by Boston Consulting Group and Wharton knowledge last year showed that Microsoft is the third most innovative enterprise in the world after apple and 3M

in this survey, the most innovative enterprises include apple, 3M, Microsoft, general electric, Sony, Dell, IBM, Google, P & G, Nokia, virgin, Samsung, Wal Mart, Toyota, eBay, Intel, Amazon, IDEO, Starbucks, and BMW

now, innovation has become a fashionable word in the business world, just like the popular "total quality management" in previous years. But upholding an idea is different from practicing it: the former is desire, and the latter is action. And innovators are always actors

measurement and management

Jim Andrews, senior vice president and innovation director of Boston Consulting Group, believes that many enterprises have spent a lot of time and energy in measuring innovation according to the 7.5 judgment rule. He said: "these individual measurement methods are not perfect, but a set of systematic measurement methods can enable you to measure the progress of innovation and make improvements when necessary. Sometimes enterprises do not measure and manage innovation, and this mistake can be avoided."

how do enterprises measure innovation? In Andrew's view, there are many options. "After research, we found that enterprises should measure from three aspects. Problems such as short fixture life and hydraulic leakage occur one after another. First, you should track the output of the innovation process. Then, you should track your input. Here, innovation can be measured most accurately. People track the funds they invest in research, and also track specific people. According to our experience, human capital is more scarce than money capital, and the most scarce You are always the best. The third stage is to test the effectiveness of your process. All in all, you need to measure input, output and process effectiveness. "

Hal Sirkin, senior vice president of Boston Consulting Group, believes that enterprises with an innovative culture can better retain employees. "Due to the rapid growth of the enterprise and the good environment brought about by encouraging innovation, the enterprise has created more opportunities for employees. Work is no longer boring, but exciting, because you will keep thinking about new methods to meet customers' needs, and everyone is thinking about how to make customers better. Through these, you have created more value for your employees. This is a win-win result."

innovation and invention

ibm senior vice president Linda Sanford believes that to understand the meaning of innovation, we must first distinguish it from invention; Too many people confuse the two. "Invention is only the starting point of innovation." The patent record of an enterprise can only show that it is an outstanding inventor. But patents alone are not enough. Enterprises must integrate their technology into their products

in the face of innovation, enterprises are not created equal. Paul Schoemaker, a marketing professor at Wharton Business School, points out that when talking about innovation, many people always cite popular enterprises such as BlackBerry or Starbucks. But some companies follow different rules of the game. They carry out incremental innovation and improvement, such as Toyota. Some enterprises are not innovators at all. Their rules of the game are to avoid losses. You can think of those airlines


a visionary CEO must go a long way to make enterprises innovate. I believe no one agrees with this statement more than jobs. Jobs and Steve znek founded apple in their parents' garage in California. A few years later, he launched the world's first successfully commercialized computer -- the Macintosh with a graphical interface. After several visits, he led apple to launch IMAC and iPod. In addition, he also participated in the creation of Pixar, an animation company that produced popular films such as toy story and Haitian story, which was recently acquired by Disney

but P.K. Gupta of Intel believes that, like jobs' loose management of the enterprise's innovation ability, it will also lead to some problems. Employees will think that his ideas are endless. "What if he goes?" Gupta questions. From this point of view, Apple's experience is not encouraging. In the mid-1980s, jobs left apple because of a power struggle with an executive he personally recruited. The company declined rapidly after leaving its founder. It was not until jobs came back in 1997 that it was revitalized with innovation

give some stimulation to the team

for Chinese enterprises to have the talent to produce their own plastic extrusion machinery and find their own plastic extrusion machinery to establish an innovative culture in the whole company, it is necessary to establish appropriate teams, systems and incentive mechanisms, and it is more indispensable to give employees sufficient innovation space. This is not to say that employees are allowed to wander around like Franklin in the future, waiting for the moment of inspiration. Enterprises must provide such a framework: while ensuring that the work is completed, innovation can continue to emerge; A channel must also be established to turn ideas into profitable products

Microsoft has adopted various methods to ensure the occurrence of the above situation. Microsoft has seven research institutes around the world, located in Raymond, San Francisco, Beijing, Bangalore and India. Each institute is unique. According to Ian sands, the director of the company, "Bangalore is specially responsible for integrating the market and low-cost computers, and Beijing has brought the same force of localization." Microsoft also has three chief technology officers, each responsible for cultivating new technologies in a technology field. The highest ranking of the three is Ray Ozzie, the founder of lotus notes. Earlier this year, his groove networks was acquired by Microsoft, and he also joined Microsoft. Last October, he wrote in an article that in the future, Microsoft will be a provider of advertising and subscription based on software services. This article is widely circulated in the upper class, so it is favored by Microsoft

sands manages the software innovation Department of Microsoft Corporation. The team he leads plays half an incubator and half an internal venture investor. They have been looking for new ways to apply advanced Microsoft technologies. "We are thinking about how to apply R & D to various industries, including cross industries," he explained. "We are looking for new gaps between industries." For example, they have partnered with Umpqua bank to allow bank customers to trade with their and personal digital assistants

sands emphasizes that some old methods can still bring innovation. For example, Microsoft has a suggestion box. Each person related to the company, employees, contractors, distributors or customers can submit a suggestion on new products and services, but they should still ensure that the oil pipes are not damaged in normal use. "Some people once said it was useless, but we responded, 'we have products from this box.'

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