80% of the electrification transformation project

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Eighty percent of the electrification project of the blue Yantai Railway has been completed.

according to the transportation department here, the electrification project of the blue (Village) Yantai (Taiwan) railway has completed an investment of about 1.18 billion yuan, accounting for 80 percent of the total project

the total length of the blue Yantai Railway project is 184km, with a total investment of about 1.66 billion yuan

relevant personnel of Yantai Railway Construction Administration said on the 27th that 80% of the total amount of the project has been completed so far since the project was started in December 2008

the blue Yantai Railway, from Jimo Lancun Town, Qingdao City, Shandong Province to Yantai City, is an important city on the Jiaodong Peninsula. Yantai city is a railway line connecting the Jiaotong Jinan railway. The completion of the blue Yantai railway connects the railway and checks whether the governor destroys the road and sea transportation, forming the Jiaodong Peninsula transportation dominated by railway

according to the introduction, railway electrification refers to the technical transformation of transforming the railway lines originally pulled by steam locomotives or diesel locomotives into electric traction, or building a new line of electric traction at one time. It is an important part of railway modernization. Recently, China has taken the comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable scientific concept of development as its guiding ideology. Electrified traction is a type of strong traction, and its traction force is not only greater than that of steam locomotive, but also greater than that of diesel locomotive. Its speed is generally 20% to 30% higher than that of steam locomotives. In addition to excellent heat insulation performance, advanced electric locomotives can greatly increase the speed of passenger trains per hour, thus greatly increasing the carrying capacity and transportation capacity of the blue Yantai Railway

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