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The General Administration of quality supervision sampled 90% of small household appliances such as induction cooker, which is not only the favorite of many migrant workers, but also a necessary artifact for many families to make side furnaces because of its large operation and convenient use. However, there are hidden dangers in the induction cooker, especially in terms of product qualification rate, which is really unsatisfactory. According to the sampling inspection environment for household gas stoves, induction cookers and other small household appliances released by the production quality supervision department of the State Administration of quality supervision, the qualification rate of induction cookers is only 7.7%, which means that more than 90% of induction cookers are unqualified, and the results mainly focus on terminal disturbance voltage, electromagnetic radiation disturbance and other aspects

it is reported that among the induction cooker products that fail to pass the sampling inspection, the results mainly focus on the terminal disturbance voltage, electromagnetic radiation disturbance and mechanical strength. The first two items are the two newly introduced electromagnetic compatibility tests. Products that do not meet the requirements of these two standards can cause other sensitive electronic devices and other sensitive electronic devices in the same electromagnetic environment to fail to perform their normal tasks, thus posing a potential safety hazard. With the support of the policy and the market, other induction cooker products in the sampling inspection are mostly energy efficiency grade, that is, the thermal efficiency and standby power consumption are unqualified

the unqualified product environment revealed through sampling inspection is the common manifestation of the low threshold of the induction cooker industry, the lack of taking care of industry standards and the non superstitious consumption concept. In recent years, it has good measurement performance. With the hype of ultra-thin and ultra-thin computers, many manufacturers and consumers mistakenly think that ultra-thin has improved the safety at the same time. Thin is a fashionable high-tech, which makes ultra-thin induction cooker also become the mainstream of the market. They seldom consider or even completely ignore the production and quality performance

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