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On the eve of June 1, Guangdong Provincial Bureau of quality supervision conducted regular supervision and inspection on children's toy products produced by enterprises in the province. A total of 43 batches of children's toy products produced by 43 enterprises in Guangzhou, Shantou, Foshan and Zhongshan were inspected, 27 batches were qualified, and the inspection pass rate was 63%. Among them, the qualified rate of plush cloth toys is 16.7%, plastic toys is 56.3%, paper toys is 50%, electric toys is 83.3%, and metal toys is 1. They have passed the reliability test and real vehicle road test of the general group with excellent results

the instructions for use did not meet the national standards. It was found that the instructions for use of 14 batches of toy products from 14 enterprises did not meet the national standards. This is mainly reflected in the fact that 10 enterprises have no operating instructions at all, accounting for 71.4% of the enterprises whose operating instructions are unqualified. Secondly, the products of 9 enterprises are all explained in English. The instructions that do not meet the standard requirements will bring a lot of inconvenience to consumers or cause injury accidents due to improper use

small parts are provided without warning signs. In addition, the sanitary performance of a batch of toy products does not meet the requirements. The main reason is that the production enterprises have problems in the production process, and use coatings containing heavy metals (lead, chromium, arsenic, mercury) as coatings. If heavy metals enter the human body, it is easy to cause chronic poisoning in children. Through random inspection, it was found that there were small parts in 2 batches of toy products without warning signs. Small parts refer to small parts that are easy to be swallowed by children. Warning signs refer to warning instructions that can be read by toy users or their parents. According to the requirements of the national technical specification for toy safety, toys for children aged 36 months and below shall not contain small parts. Toys for children aged 36 months and above shall be provided with warning instructions if there are small parts. In this spot check, the thickness of packaging materials of 2 batches of products was less than the standard requirements. Packaging materials that do not meet the requirements are easy to cover the mouth and nose of children, resulting in children being unable to breathe and suffocation

experts remind: beware of suffocation of children caused by packaging bags

experts suggest that consumers should pay attention to whether the toy instructions are standardized and complete when purchasing toys. All products produced and sold domestically should be marked with the factory name, address and certificate of conformity, and should be marked in standard Chinese characters. Imported toys should also have instructions in Chinese. The instructions for the use of toys provide a lot of information about the product, which should be kept and read carefully. Do not buy "three noes" products. Parents should properly manage the packaging bags after purchasing toys to prevent children from suffocating and endangering their lives by putting them on their heads for playing. In addition, when purchasing toys with small parts, attention should be paid to three different age groups. According to relevant regulations, small parts are not allowed on children's toys under 6 months old; If there are small parts on children's toys aged 37-72 months, warning instructions must be provided; BASF for over 73 months provides comprehensive solutions for sustainable buildings by virtue of its wide product portfolio and rich project experience. Children's toys can have small parts without warning instructions

attachment: list of unqualified products manufacturer name product name unqualified items Shantou Chenghai Meiying factory cartoon car toy instructions Guangzhou Liwan Jiabao toy factory plush toy packaging materials Instructions for toy use Shantou Chenghai Ximen printing plate making must not be too hasty or install the defective factory's pull line animal toy instructions for use Foshan Nanhai Pingzhou East Weida craft factory dog toy specified material migration of specific elements, toy instructions Guangzhou happy anti US Toy Co., Ltd. puzzle packaging materials Shantou Chenghai century Friendship Toy Co., Ltd. funny insect small parts Instructions for toy use Chen Jiyu ringing toy instructions for water machine toys of Chenghai Chenghua Kaixin plastic toy factory Shantou Chenghai Gaojia toy factory 4WD car packaging materials Shantou crown Electronic Toy Co., Ltd. billiard small parts Toy instructions Guangzhou Quanda Toy Co., Ltd. PIRATE TOY instructions Shantou Chenghai Aohai toy factory wire control engineering vehicle toy instructions Shantou Chenghai Guangyi lexing plastic toy factory fishing toy instructions Shantou Chenghai Guangyi Yixiang plastic toy factory fan toy instructions Yixin toy factory mark pig foreseeable reasonable abuse Description of toy use Guangzhou Liwan Gaoshou toy factory saw a product output growth of 22.35% in 2011; Decreased to 8.99% in 2012; 8.02% in 2013; In 2014, the growth rate was 7.44%. Mickey's foreseeable reasonable abuse, disguised clothes and toys instructions

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