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[Yihe doors and windows] for sunshine house manufacturers, brand building is a long-term process. Only by improving the service level can they achieve long-term development

[Yihe doors and windows] in the days of 315 international consumer rights this year, many brand insides have been exposed frequently. Focusing on the door and window industry, relevant departments also announced the hot spots of complaints last year, including door and window products, and the issue of enterprise services was mentioned again. For sunshine house manufacturers, brand building is a long-term process, and only by improving the service level can they achieve long-term development

service is not in line with commitments

China's home furnishing industry is developing at an alarming rate, and as the home furnishing sunshine real estate mall with the largest number of products, it is also springing up in different forms, styles and positioning. In order to attract and better serve consumers, various stores have also launched various pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales and other store service terms. However, many consumers complained that they did not enjoy these high-quality services as promised in the sunshine room franchise store. In the past year, unpleasant things have happened in shopping malls or shopping, and the overall satisfaction of the sunshine house franchise industry needs to be improved

quality creates brand

for sunshine house manufacturers, in the road of brand construction, sunshine house manufacturers should refine the core value of the brand to make it more competitive. "Improving brand connotation" includes focusing on "quality" and "service" to customers. The fundamental reason for the loss of many customers in sunshine house manufacturers is that the brand does not care about the needs of consumers. As a manufacturer, if we constantly improve the quality and provide customers with better products, we can shape the quality, which is expected to realize the overall sales of products again

in a word, it is very important for sunshine house manufacturers to improve the service quality. In the process of shaping the brand, they are also required to continuously improve the service quality. Only by doing a good job in service, can sunshine house manufacturers usher in new development

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