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The overall function of the cabinet is relatively perfect, and it is also safer and more comfortable. Everyone wants a warm and tidy kitchen, so now many people will choose the overall cabinet, so what problems will they encounter when installing the cabinet? Although you don't need to do it yourself, you can also learn about it! The following editor will introduce to you the analysis of the overall installation steps of the cabinet and the potential problems in the installation of the cabinet

overall cabinet installation steps:

Step 1: the kitchen needs to complete the ceiling installation, wall and floor tile paving work

the better the flatness and levelness of the top, wall and ground, the better the installation effect

step 2: pay attention to the pre embedding of the smoke exhaust pipe during ceiling installation

during ceiling installation, ask the ceiling installer to pre bury the smoke exhaust pipe from the pipe in advance, so as to avoid the disassembly and assembly of the ceiling or the movement of the keel caused by the installation of smoke exhaust during the later installation of the smoke exhaust, which may damage the ceiling or prevent the installation of the smoke exhaust on the same day

step 3: the installation of water and electricity is completed and accepted

specifically, it mainly includes the following work:

a. the construction and reconstruction of water inlet (angle valve) and sewer pipeline

B. the embedding and pressure measurement of household gas meter and water heater pipeline

C. The installation of power socket

Step 4: ask the decoration company to install the triangle valve in advance

when installing the water tank, you will encounter the installation of cold and hot water inlet triangle valves in the pool, Generally, the manufacturer is only responsible for connecting the water in the sink, connecting the water inlet pipe to the triangular cutting to test the water, and checking that there is no water seepage in all parts of the water before delivery. If you fail to install the triangle valve in advance, and the water test cannot be completed after the installation of the pool, please pay attention to whether the hydraulic workers of the decoration company have installed the triangle valve in advance

the above is the overall installation steps and potential problems of the kitchen cabinet. The editor reminded that if you want to shorten the installation time as much as possible, please ask the decorator to clean up the building slag in the room before the installation of the kitchen cabinet, and do not store other sundries. I hope the above introduction is more helpful than you. If you want to know other relevant information, please continue to pay attention to this website. Please look forward to more wonderful




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