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In recent years, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people are more and more interested in personalized things

in recent years, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people are more and more interested in personalized things. I don't know when people began to live with customization. People also like to use customization to reflect their own value. As one of the representative industries of the home building materials industry, the door and window industry is of course "personalized". In recent years, there are more and more personalized products in the door and window market, and door and window enterprises are also struggling to innovate, all of which are to meet the changing and improving needs of consumers

I. the differentiation of user groups is becoming increasingly obvious

1. The consumer groups of doors and windows are younger. Whether the appearance of doors and windows is popular with young people mainly depends on whether the design of door and window enterprises is at the forefront of the times. Following others' footsteps will only be a follower forever. Only by leading the trend can we be a winner in the market. The largest group is concentrated in the post-80s and post-90s. However, since these buyers mainly buy rigid demand houses at present, they are highly price sensitive

2. With the rapid development of China's economy, the middle class is growing and becoming the main consumer group of medium and high-end products. These consumer groups will have their own choices in home life. They will make a detailed comparison of the products they need. Most of them don't care about big brands, but only about the quality. In fact, a new concept of consumer market has been quietly popular in the current door and window industry, that is, a market that meets the psychology of middle-income but fashionable consumers while meeting their purchasing power

second, the personalized trend of door and window products is rising

in the past, the habit of door and window products was defined as durable goods, and its value only lies in "practicality"; With the pursuit of quality of life by the post-80s leading consumer groups, the rise of personalization has led to the emergence of doors and windows space and products from size to color to material and even personalized patterns, storage units, accessories, and accessories. Users have absolute control over their own door and window products. Nowadays, doors and windows are not only defined as household products, but also an important label of household life, reflecting the owner's life attitude and aesthetic sentiment. The "internal and external repair" of door and window products is reflected in the continuous improvement of functions, while also stepping up the pace of catching up with the trend

personalized door and window products rise

third, smart doors and windows jointly lead Smart Life

imagine that before you go to sleep, the curtains are slowly pulled up under the instructions of your mobile phone, and the indoor lights are quietly turned off. Once upon a time, smart home was just a legendary story, but now it has gradually "flown into the homes of ordinary people". As we all know, doors and windows are the most important factors that can reflect their quality and taste in a room. Therefore, the products should keep improving and constantly innovate, so that doors and windows and remote control doors and windows become intelligent automatic switches, which increases convenience. For example, when the owner is not at home in rainy days, the room windows are equipped with weather proof sensors on the outside. When the rain hits the sensors, the windows will immediately close by themselves. Smart doors and windows is still an emerging industry. For low-end people, manufacturers should split and promote the integrated system as a unit to reduce prices. For example, ruigu's hollow shutter is divided into manual and electric to meet different levels of consumer groups. In recent years, high-end people have begun to consider intelligent doors and windows as a part of home decoration because of their large living area and requirements for privacy at home. In the future, intelligent doors and windows will still play a major role in high-end people

smart doors and windows jointly lead Smart Life

IV. low carbon environmental protection has become an eternal topic

in door and window products, environmental protection and energy conservation have become important standards to measure the quality of products. While studying how to make door and window products more beautiful, enterprises are also studying how to make products more practical, energy-saving and environmental protection

whether the innovation of door and window enterprises or the personalized customization of other industries, in the final analysis, it is to comply with the market and meet the needs of consumers. I hope that while accelerating the pace of customization, door and window enterprises should not forget the original intention of doing these things, and only when they are down-to-earth can they go more stable and long-term

"Yuemei doors and windows" brand was founded in 2004, rooted in Foshan, the famous aluminum capital. It is a door and window brand under Guangdong baomazhi doors and windows Technology Co., Ltd. It is committed to customizing personalized aluminum alloy doors and windows products for the post-80s/90s generation. The products cover aluminum alloy doors, aluminum alloy windows and sunshine rooms, with complete categories and novel styles, and are sold at home and abroad




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